Willamette Valley Chardonnay, discovering Oregon soul. Honoring history, grape, time & place


Behind my vision of Oregon Chardonnay is the collective wisdom from what thousands of harvests have taught around the world. It was an honor to travel, & take part in old traditions, to have gathered experience before returning to the land where I grew from. 


Chardonnay is Queen Chameleon. It's fluidity shows nuance, I admire how widely it thrives, in distinctive climates & soils. It is highly responsive in the cellar too, its character a reflection of how it's made. The future of Oregon Chardonnay is as bright as ever.


Each year's weather conditions are unique; time shaping the character of Oregon Chardonnay. Seasonal conditions dance & vineyard microclimates shift, dynamic imprints within the fruit's DNA. Tuning in to subtleties, nuances and details is my task; paying attention & getting out of the way.


The soil, the topography, elevation, aspect & farming philosophy all have an enormous impact on the character of grapes. Even so, there is more than meets the eye. The 'soul of place' is what I seek to discover, over time, producing authentic Oregon Chardonnay. 


 Morgen Long Willamette Valley Chardonnay is created simply with a concerted & inquisitive approach to discover the best in Oregon Chardonnay. Working with passionate farmers is a starting point. From there, the goal is allowing an authentic wine expression, highlighting a sense of the unique characters of grape, time & place:

Handpicked fruit is pressed & settled; sulfured juice is transferred to barrels with evenly distributed lees. Indigenous, ambient yeasts take care of fermentation, & aging takes place, ideally, without additions or lees stirring. After 11 months, wines are racked to stainless steel to age a second winter on lees & are bottled at 18 months.